Luke Joeckel: Why Kansas City Must Take Him at #1

“With the First Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, The Kansas City Chiefs select…..”

​How about Luke Joeckel? Deciding to forgo his senior season at Texas A&M he became a top prospect going into the 2013 NFL draft. The Kansas City Chiefs, and newly hired Head Coach Andy Reid have the next three months to decide who their guy is at the #1 selection. Joeckel should be highly considered by the Kansas City Franchise, and this is a guy they can’t afford to pass on.

​Standing at 6 feet 6, 310 lbs. Joeckel, is the prototypical left tackle, long arms with a lean build. The perfect example of size and athleticism, with the foot work to handle speed rushers, the base to anchor down on the bull rush and the quickness off the ball to make room in the run game. Lets not forget this guy is extremely smart, picking up blitzes and stunts with ease, rarely see Joeckel getting fooled. After endless hours of watching tape, it was hard to find this guys weakness.

​Only possible knock on Joeckel is few seem to worry about taking offensive lineman who forgo their senior season, due to lack of maturity. In my opinion, Joeckel won’t have a problem adjusting to faster and stronger competition. Recruited by Texas A&M, he started as a TRUE Freshman in 2010 and has started every game at left tackle for them since. The SEC was also very competitive.

​The Chiefs 2-14 record makes it obvious they have many needs in this upcoming draft and free agency. Although they have some players to consider bringing back, one of them being left tackle Branden Albert, who they can afford, as well as wide receiver, Dwayne Bowe. Albert, drafted as a guard out of Virginia, if re-signed or franchise tagged, could easily be bumped inside to a familiar position at guard in 2013. This moves helps filling the spot of retiring OG Ryan Lilja.

​Luke Joeckel is a franchise left tackle, I have no doubt. Adding him to an offensive line who gave up an NFL 5th worse 40 sacks is an extreme improvement. With no clear cut elite quarterbacks deserving of a number one pick, in my opinion, taking a left tackle with Joeckel’s skills is a great way to build your team. The Chiefs offensive line could potentially be very solid with Luke Joeckel, Branden Albert, and Right Tackle Eric Winston.

​Lets not forget the division Kansas City plays in. The AFC West has some talented pass rushers. The San Diego Chargers have Shaun Phillips, 9.5 sacks this season. Denver Broncos with Elvis Dumervil, 11.0 sacks, as well as quarterback nightmare, Von Miller, who recorded 18.5 sacks during the regular season. Kansas City needs to protect their QB, whoever that may be. Again, I just can’t see a scenario where Joeckel is not the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, unless they got great value in a trade for the first overall pick. However, I don’t see that happening.

Thanks for reading, April will be here in no time!
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