2013 NFL Draft: Chance Warmack Prospect Profile

Alabama Crimson Tide Offensive Guard Chance Warmack

Alabama Crimson Tide Offensive Guard Chance Warmack

As we inch closer to the 2013 NFL Draft with each passing day, DraftInsider continues to provide top quality prospect profiles, along with in depth scouting reports and mock drafts. DraftInsider has acquired a team of veteran scouts to bring you the most unique NFL Draft coverage you have, and will ever see. We look forward to bringing you the best in the business.
We are proud to announce Zack Spears has joined DraftInsider. Zack played Offensive Line at Iowa State, and with his first hand knowledge of the college game, as well as his experience as a lineman, we feel Zack will do extremely good things in his new role as Head Scout: Offensive and Defensive Lines. Follow Zack on twitter @Zacklopedia
Alabama Offensive Guard Chance Warmack heads into the 2013 NFL Draft as my top rated Offensive Guard prospect. Warmack is as good as they come at run blocking, while possesing overpowering strength that he uses to dominate defenders.  Below you will see our finalized scouting report on Chance Warmack.
– 6’3″ 320 lbs
Warmack has a nasty streak to him that all NFL executives and coaches love from a lineman. Warmack has great strength, when watching him play he uses his lower body strength as an anchor to stop the pass rush, and has a steam roller to plow over defenders in the running game. He is an absolute punishing, tough run blocker. That combined with his strength makes him an NFL ready prospect right now. Warmack also fires off the ball and gets a tremendous push at the line of scrimmage, opening running lanes immediately. He is always spotted on film with great pad level and firing a good punch with perfect hand placement in pass pro. Chance will be a perfect fit for a power blocking scheme based offense. 
After reading the above “Strengths” part, you may be asking, ‘Well, what can’t this guy do?” Although Warmack is the top rated Offensive Guard in this years draft class, like everyone else there are weaknesses to his game.  He could do a lot for himself by losing some weight and getting quicker to help him play in space while blocking at the second level, pulling, or out on a screen play. Also, because of his limited ability to play in space it makes him not a good fit in a zone blocking scheme, where he will be asked to block more in the open space. You tend to see some of the more athletic lineman excel in that scheme. Because he lacks quickness, he gets beat on some speed pass rush moves. Warmack’s conditioning is a weakness to me too, he seems to get tired on long drives and not finish blocks when he is tired. He could be dominating defenders late in games and drives every single play if he didn’t have to take a play or part of a play off to rest. Which is an easy fix with a little weight loss and top of the line conditioning which will be at his finger tips in the National Football League. 
Warmack is projected to the be a top 15 overall pick in April’s Draft.
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