2013 NFL Draft: Jonathan Cooper Prospect Profile

jcooperAs we inch closer to the 2013 NFL Draft with each passing day, DraftInsider continues to provide top quality prospect profiles, along with in depth scouting reports and mock drafts. DraftInsider has acquired a team of veteran scouts to bring you the most unique NFL Draft coverage you have, and will ever see. We look forward to bringing you the best in the business.

North Carolina Offensive Guard Jonathan Cooper heads into the 2013 NFL Draft as my second rated Offensive Guard prospect. Cooper is a top 10 talent but unfortunately he plays a position where there are not many taken in the top 10. Cooper is athletic and explosive off of the ball. Below you will see our preliminary scouting report on Jonathan Cooper.

Measurables:– 6’3″ 295 lbs


Cooper immediately jumps off of the screen with his athleticism for a 295lb guy. He moves like a tight end when he pulls on a block. Along with his athleticism he posses a good and strong punch in his pass blocking. He times the punch perfectly and shoots his hands firmly and directly on the defenders breast plates for the win consistently. As mentioned before, Cooper pulls a lot because he is athletic and fast enough to get there. Cooper is explosive when he gets to the next level. Upon arrival he comes through his hips when he cuts or connects with a linebacker. This college All-American has the potential to be a very good run blocker in the NFL with his athletic make up and strong lower body he can blow defenders off of the ball consistently.


Cooper is just 295lbs, in order to anchor down and move people off of the line of scrimmage, it would be easier for Cooper if he would gain 5-10lbs of healthy weight. Cooper also to me doesn’t seem to have the overall nasty streak that #1 ranked Offensive Guard Chance Warmack does. While I regard Warmack as a “tough type” Guard, I classify Cooper as a “Finesse” Guard. Which in the trenches that word is sometimes viewed as a bad thing, I don’t mean it that way. It means he can play well in space and is extremely athletic. When Cooper pulls, at the point of attack at times he doesn’t accelerate through the block, he “catches”. He needs to continue to churn his feet and use his lower body strength to deliver the blow and win, rather than getting a stale mate.


Cooper is projected to be a middle to late 1st round Draft pick.



Prospect Profile completed by:

Zack Spears is Draft Insider’s Head Offensive and Defensive Line Scout.

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