2013 NFL Draft: Terron Armstead Prospect Profile

Arkansas Pine-Bluff Offensive Guard Terron Armstead

Arkansas Pine-Bluff Offensive Guard Terron Armstead

As we inch closer to the 2013 NFL Draft with each passing day, DraftInsider continues to provide top quality prospect profiles, along with in depth scouting reports and mock drafts. DraftInsider has acquired a team of veteran scouts to bring you the most unique NFL Draft coverage you have, and will ever see. We look forward to bringing you the best in the business. 

Arkansas-Pine Bluff Offensive Guard Terron Armstead heads into the 2013 NFL Draft as one of Draft Insider’s top Offensive Guard prospects to watch. Armstead played left tackle in college but will most likely be asked to move inside to play Guard in the NFL to use his gifted combination of size and quick feet to its highest potential. Potential is a good word to use while evaluating Armstead, he is big, athletic and could blossom into a quality pro one day. Below you will see our preliminary scouting report on Terron Armstead.
– 6’5″ 305 lbs
One of the things you notice and notice often when watching Armstead on film is how athletic he is. He shows great speed and quickness when pulling. Armstead is said to have sub 5.0 40 speed. Which is always a feat for 300 pounder. He also gets to the second level with ease, slipping underneath a defensive end, or chipping a 3 technique and using his speed to get to a linebacker at the next level. Some coaches try and try to teach lineman ways to get to the second level without getting caught up in the traffic of the trenches, some never get it. Armstead’s feet on film are a sight as well, he puts them up and down quickly which reduces the time a defender has to get him off balance or knock him off track (the reason he doesn’t get washed down while getting to the second level). Armstead’s potential is through the roof, with a NFL body frame, athleticism and strength many teams could get him in their system, teach it to him, plug him into it and watch him grow into a pretty good pro player.  
Armstead needs to work on his technique in pass protection. He likes to turn his hips and shoulder in his pass set which leaves him vulnerable to the inside move. It didn’t cost him as much in college because his athleticism was able to make up for the bad technique. Also while pass protecting I saw another bad habit of Armstead’s, he shoots his hands too low on his punch. Although he has a strong punch and a good firm grip when he connects, the low punch made him unbalanced while protecting. In the SWAC he wasn’t exposed by it like he will if he does it on Sunday’s. Armstead’s level of competition he played in college is also a question mark. Although the SWAC has had its share of talented players it is hard to gauge how good each and every player he played against is. He is seen on film at times mauling defenders 10-12 yards down field.
Armstead is projected to be a 5th round pick in April’s Draft.
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