2013 NFL Draft: Brennan Williams Prospect Profile

North Carolina offensive tackle Brennan Williams

North Carolina offensive tackle Brennan Williams

As we inch closer to the 2013 NFL Draft with each passing day, DraftInsider continues to provide top quality prospect profiles, along with in depth scouting reports and mock drafts. DraftInsider has acquired a team of veteran scouts to bring you the most unique NFL Draft coverage you have, and will ever see. We look forward to bringing you the best in the business.


North Carolina Offensive Tackle Brennan Williams heads into the 2013 NFL Draft as one of Draft Insider’s top Offensive Tackle prospects to watch. Williams is an big tackle with a good motor. Williams was not full time starter until last year, and had a season ending injury in Week 8 of this season. Below is our detailed scouting report on Brennan Williams.


– 6’7″ 315 lbs


When you turn on the film of the Tar Heels to watch their Right Tackle Brennan Williams, you instantly notice how big he is. He has the body of a All Pro NFL Offensive Tackle. He has long arms and legs, and uses them both in his pass protection. He uses his long legs to get a good distance on his initial kick in his kick slide. He also use his long arms to attack the defender and keep the defender off of his body. Williams is also seen on tape playing hard, and to the echo of the whistle. You can teach technique, scheme and make a guy faster and stronger. But the one thing you cannot teach a man to do is play hard. Williams has tons of potential because he is big and plays hard. NFL teams can make him into the tackle they want by grooming him into their system, knowing he will give it his all on the field.
Brennan Williams has a huge frame that could be used to dominate in both run and pass blocking. Although throughout watching him on film you don’t typically see him doing either. When he comes off the ball and engages with his defender at the line of scrimmage he doesn’t explode through him, he doesn’t use his lower body and feet. In order to gain movement with your blocks you need to use your lower body strength. He relies to heavily on his head and upper body strength to try and get movement.  Williams, like most of the taller lineman plays high, which if he were to get his pad level down I am sure it would help him in moving defenders off of the line of scrimmage. Williams also lacks elite lateral quickness and has sluggish feet. Which both hinder him from being an great pass protector. When you watch a big offensive lineman you want to see athleticism. The only time you want to see them on the ground is when they have just cut blocked someone, or they are finishing off a pancake block. With Williams, you see him on the ground a lot all by himself, getting his feet caught up in the trenches, falling off of a block, or missing at the second level. When getting to the league, NFL teams must work on his feet, lower body strength and lower body movements.

Williams is projected to be a 5th-6th round pick in April’s Draft.
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