2013 NFL Draft: Cordarrelle Patterson Prospect Profile

Tennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson

Tennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson

Prospect: Cordarrelle Patterson , WR, University of Tennessee

Measurables: 6’3”, 205 lbs

Strengths: Dominating the SEC with 1858 all-purpose yards to go along with 10 TDs in 2012. That’s what WR Cordarrelle Patterson brings to the table. Speedy, tall, and physical. Adjectives that fit Patterson to a tee. He can get by press coverage with little effort. Not afraid to go into traffic to make the grab. Still has room to grow to fit his frame. He can pack on another 10-15 lbs with no negative impact to his game. He has good leaping ability and can snatch the ball out of the air at its highest point. Excellent field awareness and vision. Can see holes before they open. Patterson will always try to get the extra yard by making defenders miss. He simply plants his foot in the ground in one direction, flips his hips and the defender is left grabbing at smoke as he’s racing off to the end zone. Will line up in the backfield for reverses or sweeps. Very dangerous return man with explosive play-making ability to succeed at the next level.

Weaknesses: He’s not the crispest route runner as he tends to round off at the top of the route stem. His willingness and desire to get that extra yard can cause him to dance a bit. He can be a bit lazy and tends to give up on downfield passes. Not the best blocker and will need to improve on that facet of his game at the next level. Some might call his mental toughness into question as he sometimes takes plays off. Randy Moss anyone? The scouting combine and his pro day at Tennessee will be very telling as excellent showings at both should dramatically improve his draft stock. The perfect way to describe Patterson would be “very raw but very talented”.

Projection: Patterson is projected to go in the early to mid first round in April’s Draft.

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