Grading Scale

DraftInsider grades all scouted prospects according to the following grading scale:


Note: Grading Scale is subject to change as DraftInsider sees fit. 


10.0: A true ”can’t miss” prospect. A rare-caliber player who is available truly once in a lifetime.

9.0: A future year-in-year-out Pro-Bowl caliber talent. A player with a special skill-set that will make an immediate impact at the next level.

8.0: A solid all-around prospect. An immediate starter who could eventually become an annual at the Pro-Bowl

7.0: An early-round prospect with good upside, but evident flaws. Could be a long-time starter in the league. Possible Pro-Bowler

6.0: Early to Mid-round prospect who could make an impact as a rotational player, and work his way to a starter later in career.

5.0: A mid-round prospect who will find a serviceable role in the NFL, and could be a solid spot-starter at the next level.

4.0: A late-round prospect who will be more of a lower-level role-player in the NFL. Clear flaws in overall game.

3.0: A priority UDFA. Doesn’t translate well to the NFL, and will struggle to make a career last in the NFL.




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