NFL Draft: Who To Follow

Rather than sit here and explain to you why each of the men below are absolutely worth the follow on Twitter, I figured I’d let them do what they do best, prove it to you. When I first joined twitter, I feared that I wouldn’t be taken seriously because I wasn’t well known, or didn’t have the clout that these men below me had. I was blown away when I began to interact with them, and the knowledge I’ve gained since doing so. I can honestly and proudly say that I am lucky and grateful to have built a solid network with a handful of great guys, who are nothing but helping and appreciative of each other. This list a year from now could very well have over 50 names. For now, familiarize yourself with some of the best NFL Draft minds Twitter has to offer.



Bryan Perez – First Round Grade

Bryan Perez  FirstRoundGrade  on Twitter


Ryan Lownes – Bleacher Report & Draft Breakdown 

 Ryan Lownes


Ryan Riddle – Former NFL Player & Bleacher Report NFL Draft Analyst




Scott Carasik – DraftFalcons & Bleacher Report 


Scott Carasik  ScottCarasik  on Twitter

Darren Page – DraftLions & Page Football Scouting 


Darren Page  DarrenPage15  on Twitter

Shane Hallam – DraftCountdown & DraftTV



Joe Goodberry – Cincy Jungle via SB Nation 



Matt Miller – Bleacher Report 





Benjamin Allbright – NFL Draft Monsters 


Benjamin Allbright



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