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2013 NFL Draft: Deandre Hopkins Prospect Profile

Clemson wide receiver Deandre Hopkins

Clemson wide receiver Deandre Hopkins

Prospect: DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson University

Measurables: 6’2” 205 lbs

Strengths: DeAndre Hopkins benefited from stellar quarterback play with Taj Boyd at Clemson. They hooked up to make a pretty good tandem finishing 2012 with 82 catches for 1405 yards and 18 Tds. Hopkins has excellent size and decent speed to be a bona fide no.1 at the next level. He’s physical enough to post up defenders. Nice hands with a long wingspan which allows for a big catch radius. Uses his superb leaping ability to high point the ball as well as his foot quickness to break off the line. Tremendous field vision and awareness to locate boundaries. Has enough straightaway speed to get past any DB. Has room to fill out his frame. Very fluid and crisp route runner. Disguises his movements with precision foot placement. His raw determination will not allow him to fail as he strives to be the best football player on the field and that’s evident in the way he approaches each game.

Weaknesses: Sometimes loses the physical battle with defenders. Will allow himself to get pushed off the route with lazy route running. Needs to be more physical with his hands when pressed at the line. If he loses that battle, the route will turn sloppy. Has a knack for allowing the ball into his body rather than catching it with his hands which will often cause drops. His blocking will sometimes suffer from lapses in his concentration. Needs to flash big-play potential and ability to run the entire route tree at both the scouting combine and his pro day.

Projection: Hopkins projects to be a late first or early second round prospect.

Prospect Profile completed by:
Marc Lucoff is DraftInsider’s Head Scout of WR/DB’s
follow Marc on Twitter @Ryans46D

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2013 NFL Draft: Keenan Allen Prospect Profile

California wide receiver Keenan Allen

California wide receiver Keenan Allen

Prospect: Keenan Allen, WR, University of California

Measurables: 6’3”, 210 lbs

Strengths: Allen is a big-bodied, physical, possession-type receiver that offenses covet. While he’s not the No. 1 to stretch the field a la Julio Jones, a better comparison may be to Dez Bryant. Allen finished the 2012 season with 61 catches for 737 yards and 6 touchdowns. He’s projected as a top 10 prospect and the number one wideout in a class that doesn’t have a clear-cut leader. A more than adequate run blocker, runs good, crisp routes and has decent hands with a pretty big catch radius. Not afraid to go up and high point the ball and out-position defenders. Think Alshon Jeffery here. He has excellent run after the catch ability and is physical enough to run through tackles. A classic No. 2, Allen can run the short and intermediate routes; perfect against cover one. Arguably had his most complete game against the Buckeyes back in September at the Horseshoe.

Weaknesses: Allen missed the last three games of his junior year and certainly didn’t benefit from sub-standard quarterback play at Cal which many believed inhibited his production as a junior. Needs to maintain better body awareness when looking in passes and occasionally has the case of the dropsies particularly in coverage. Since young receivers typically have a big adjustment to the NFL level, particularly against press coverage and achieving separation, he’s going to need all the off-season conditioning he can get. Isn’t the greatest leaper but still can use his big body to out physical defenders. Doesn’t have the blazing fast speed and needs to improve on his run blocking particularly if he’s drafted by a team that utilizes the zone/read option offense that seems to be the hot trend in the league right now.

Projection: Allen is projected to be a mid to late first round pick in April’s Draft.

Prospect Profile completed by:
Marc Lucoff is DraftInsider’s Head Scout of WR/DB’s
follow Marc on Twitter @Ryans46D

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2013 NFL Draft: Cordarrelle Patterson Prospect Profile

Tennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson

Tennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson

Prospect: Cordarrelle Patterson , WR, University of Tennessee

Measurables: 6’3”, 205 lbs

Strengths: Dominating the SEC with 1858 all-purpose yards to go along with 10 TDs in 2012. That’s what WR Cordarrelle Patterson brings to the table. Speedy, tall, and physical. Adjectives that fit Patterson to a tee. He can get by press coverage with little effort. Not afraid to go into traffic to make the grab. Still has room to grow to fit his frame. He can pack on another 10-15 lbs with no negative impact to his game. He has good leaping ability and can snatch the ball out of the air at its highest point. Excellent field awareness and vision. Can see holes before they open. Patterson will always try to get the extra yard by making defenders miss. He simply plants his foot in the ground in one direction, flips his hips and the defender is left grabbing at smoke as he’s racing off to the end zone. Will line up in the backfield for reverses or sweeps. Very dangerous return man with explosive play-making ability to succeed at the next level.

Weaknesses: He’s not the crispest route runner as he tends to round off at the top of the route stem. His willingness and desire to get that extra yard can cause him to dance a bit. He can be a bit lazy and tends to give up on downfield passes. Not the best blocker and will need to improve on that facet of his game at the next level. Some might call his mental toughness into question as he sometimes takes plays off. Randy Moss anyone? The scouting combine and his pro day at Tennessee will be very telling as excellent showings at both should dramatically improve his draft stock. The perfect way to describe Patterson would be “very raw but very talented”.

Projection: Patterson is projected to go in the early to mid first round in April’s Draft.

Prospect Profile completed by:

Marc Lucoff is DraftInsider’s Head Scout of WR/DB
follow marc on Twitter @Ryans46D

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2013 NFL Draft: Dallas Thomas Prospect Profile

Tennessee offensive lineman Dallas Thomas

Tennessee offensive lineman Dallas Thomas

Tennessee Offensive Tackle Dallas Thomas heads into the 2013 NFL Draft as one of Draft Insider’s top Offensive Tackle prospects to watch. Thomas is a Guard prospect as well after playing the entire season at Left Guard for the Volunteers. He posses great technique in his pass blocking and has good feet. Which ever team pulls the trigger on this smart football player should have them selves a player for years to come. Below is our detailed scouting report on Dallas Thomas.

– 6’5″ 310 lbs


First of all, I must say Dallas Thomas has one of the most beautiful pass sets I have ever seen in a live game. It looks exactly how coaches teach it on the field and on film. Dallas Thomas is flexible and shows good bend in his knees and hips. Thomas is a lean 310 pounds which is shown when he is out in the open and getting to the second level. And because he is lean he could be able to keep up with the speed rushers on the edge in the NFL. Thomas replaces his hands well while pass blocking and can defend the bull rush. He is a smart football player and understands that communication is a key factor in an offensive lines success. He is seen on film communicating pre snap with the other members of the line, making sure they have all their calls correct and have an ID on the Mike. Thomas would fit into a zone blocking scheme as he is not a premier drive blocker in the run game. He is versatile and can play both guard and tackle at a high level. Thomas played really well at Left Tackle against 2012 second round draft pick Courtney Upshaw in their 2011 match-up.


Although Thomas is flexible and has good bend in his hips, he doesn’t explode through them when firing out to run block. He is not a drive blocker, so he wouldn’t really fit into a power blocking scheme, especially if he played Guard. To be a difference maker on an NFL roster he would need to work and improve his lower body in the running game (feet, hips, and leg drive). Thomas struggles to sustain blocks, falling off late and allowing his defender to get in on the tackle or clog up the running lane and force the runner outside. He also has poor technique when he pulls. He turns his shoulders and has high pad level. Rather than having his shoulders squared up ready to take on any defender in case he doesn’t make it to his assigned man and staying low for more force on contact.


Thomas is projected to be a 2nd-3rd round pick in April’s Draft.


Prospect Profile completed by:

Zack Spears is Draft Insider’s Head Offensive and Defensive Line Scout.

Be sure to follow Zack on Twitter @Zacklopedia



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2013 NFL Draft: Star Lotulelei Scouting Report


Utah Defensive Tackle Star Lotulelei

Utah Defensive Tackle Star Lotulelei heads into the 2013 NFL Draft as my top rated defensive prospect, and my second overall prospect. Star possess a unique physical skill set that sets him apart from any other defensive lineman in this years Draft. Below you will see our finalized scouting report on Star Lotulelei.

– 6’4″ 325 lbs


Lotulelei has a devastating first step that allows him to punish offensive lineman and bull rush his way into opposing backfields. He compares at times to Detroit Lions star defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Lotulelei has great speed for his 325 lb frame, that allows him to fire through the line, and cause havoc in the backfield. He is an absolute punishing, bull rush type of defensive tackle. Star could play defensive end or nose tackle in a 3-4 system. He also has the prototypical size and tools to succeed in a base 4-3.


Lotulelei has a very limited pass rush move set. As mentioned before, he is a punishing bull rusher. He could do a lot for himself by adding a swim or rip move to his game. He find himself rushing with his frame a little too high in passing situations. Star is still a very raw prospect as a defensive tackle. He may need some time to adjust and be an absolute force, it may very well not be until year two or three in a system until he feels comfortable, and becomes a stud.


Star is projected to the Oakland Raiders at the third overall pick in April’s Draft.

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2013 NFL Draft: What To Look For In a QB

Every year NFL scouts travel the country looking for the next Andrew Luck, or the next late round gem, a la Tom Brady. Countless miles driven, sleep lost, and years pass by without any teams landing such a prospect. As a fan of football, you may ask “What do scouts look for in a Quarterback?” We’ll fill you in, right here.


First of all, the first thing any scout will look for is talent. Is your team’s next “Franchise” quarterback the next Peyton Manning? A true master of the game who can orchestrate an entire playbook on the go? Is he the next Robert Griffin, III? A Dual-Threat player who can stand in the pocket with poise and make all of the throw, and also have the smarts to take off and decimate you with his legs? Regardless, talent is first and foremost what scouts will look at when scouting a QB.


One trait that follows any quarterback, and always will, is leadership. His ability to keep the team’s spirits high when adversity is staring them in the face is a key quality. No moment is too big for him. No situation is uncontrollable in his eyes. Leadership is, and always will be a major attribute for a quarterback.

Decision Making:

When you have four 300 LB grown, athletic men running at you as fast as they can, will your quarterback find the open receiver, and place the ball where only he can catch it? Or will he fall to his knees and succumb to the pressure and take an unnecessary sack? Players like Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers are prime examples of elite decision makers at the quarterback position. Brady, when pressured, is able to find an open receiver and move his team down the field, rather than waste a down and take a sack. Rodgers on the other hand, is able to move the chains with his mobility and get outside the pocket, and pick up a positive gain. Decision making skills makes or breaks a quarterback, and possibly a team. Ask any Chargers fan who endured the Ryan Leaf Era.


Success at the collegiate level doesn’t always translate to being appreciated by NFL teams, ask Tim Tebow. Tebow left the University of Florida as one of the most decorated college athletes to ever live. However, as soon as he declared for the draft, scouts and draft analysts fired their shots. Tebow was highly criticized for his long release. He was told that he needed to shorten it in order to avoid sacks, or having it stripped while he wound up to throw. Scouts appreciate a short, compact release. The ability to get the ball out quick is of high importance, mainly because there is a very limited window of success with an oncoming rush. Footwork in the pocket is key as well. Jay Cutler is infamous for throwing off of his back foot, he’s also infamous for his high number of interceptions. Sense a chain link there? The ability to plant your feet and make a solid throw downfield will heighten the success rate for your throws to make an impact on the offense.

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2013 NFL Draft: QB Rankings

As we inch closer to the NFL Draft with each passing day, we learn more and more about each prospect. Today we rank our top 15 Quarterbacks in the 2013 NFL Draft.

1. Geno Smith West Virginia

2. Tyler Wilson Arkansas

3. Mike Glennon NC State

4. Ryan Nassib Syracuse

5. Matt Barkley USC

6. Landry Jones Oklahoma

7. E.J. Manuel Florida State

8. Zac Dysert Miami (OH)

9. Collin Klein Kansas State

10. Matt Scott Arizona

11. Brad Sorensen Southern Utah

12. Seth Doege Texas Tech

13. Jordan Rodgers Vanderbilt

14. Sean Renfree Duke

15. James Vandenberg Iowa

This is our Debut “Big Board” for the 2013 Quarterback class.

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2013 NFL Draft: Top 10 Best Available Prospects

Here is our list of the top 10 Best Available Prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft

1) Star Lotulelei DT Utah

2) Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M

3) Bjoern Werner DE Florida St.

4) Geno Smith QB West Virginia

5) Dee Milliner CB Alabama

6) Dion Jordan DE/OLB Oregon

7) Chance Warmack G Alabama

8) Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri

9) Damontre Moore DE/OLB Texas A&M

10) Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan

Draft Insider is currently compiling their Top 100 Best Available Prospects and will be releasing them periodically. Please feel free to comment on the blog or join in the conversation on twitter by tweeting at us @DraftInsider.

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2013 NFL Mock Draft (1st Round)

Here is our latest 2013 Mock Draft

1) Kansas City Chiefs
Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M

2) Jacksonville Jaguars
Bjoern Werner DE Florida St.

3) Oakland Raiders
Star Lotulelei DT Utah

4) Philadelphia Eagles
Dee Milliner CB Alabama

5) Detroit Lions
Dion Jordan DE Oregon

6) Cleveland Browns
Damontre Moore DE/OLB Texas A&M

7) Arizona Cardinals
Geno Smith QB West Virginia

8) Buffalo Bills
Chance Warmack G Alabama

9) New York Jets
Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas

10) Tennessee Titans
Barkevious Mingo DE LSU

11) San Diego Chargers
Jonathan Banks CB Miss. St.

12) Miami Dolphins
DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson

13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri

14) Carolina Panthers
Keenan Allen WR California

15) New Orleans Saints
Jonathan Hankins DT Ohio St.

16) St. Louis Rams
Barrett Jones OL Alabama

17) Pittsburgh Steelers
John Jenkins DT Georgia

18) Dallas Cowboys
Manti Te’o LB Notre Dame

19) New York Giants
Sam Montgomery DE LSU

20) Chicago Bears
Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan

21) Cincinnati Bengals
Kenny Vaccaro S Texas

22) St. Louis Rams (WSH)
Eddie Lacy RB Alabama

23) Minnesota Vikings
Alec Ogletree LB Georgia

24) Indianapolis Colts
Jonathan Cooper G UNC

25) Baltimore Ravens
Eric Reid S LSU

26) San Francisco 49ers
Zach Ertz TE Stanford

27) Houston Texans
DJ Fluker OT Alabama

28) Atlanta Falcons
Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame

29) Seattle Seahawks
Jarvis Jones DE/OLB Georgia

30) New England Patriots
Kawaan Short DE Purdue

31) Green Bay Packers
Jesse Williams DE Alabama

32) Denver Broncos
David Amerson DB N.C. State

Some surprises, we know. It’s early. However, this is what makes draft season fun! Read it over, and if you have an questions or concerns, tweet at us any time @DraftInsider!

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